Halle Berry Short Hairstyle

When it comes to looking fabulous in a short hairstyle, Halle Berry is the gold standard of sensationally short hairdos.

She actually has a couple of styles she likes to don, one being a dyed medium brown pixie and the other being a much more edgy and sleek naturally black number, which is my persoanl favorite.

Halle Berry Sunglasses

I've seen Halle Berry wearing loads of different styles of sunglasses before, but never have a seen her look more amazing than while donning a pair of these sunglasses by designer Oliver Peoples, called Sabina.

They might set you back a hefty $350, but they are second to none in terms of stunning.

Halle Berry Net Worth

Halle Berry is one of the single most successful actress on our time, which is why i wasn't surprised to discover her huge money net worth.

In case you didn't get the memo, Halle Berry's total net worth is listed at just over $50 million big ones.

Way to go!

Halle Berry Shoe Size

I know may of you Halle Berry fans seek to find out all the little details about Halle Berry, so just consider this as a little bonus info from yours truly.

Halle Berry's shoe size is 7.

And you thought this blog was all about gossip and hearsay...

Halle Berry Bra Size

I know everyone and their cousin has probably asked themselves this question...

What is Halle Berry's bra size?

Halle Berry bra size is listed by many website at 34C.

Sounds about right to me, and while she was pregnant those puppies most have been a full D cup. Know what I'm saying?

You can thank us for that little bit of information later, right now we're off to find more facts about the beautiful Halle Berry.

Halle Berry Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Over the course of Halle Berry's career, there have been countless speculations about whether or not she has underwent the plastic surgery knife for a nose job.

And while she vehemently denies the nose job rumors, many people still believe she has indeed had plastic surgery.

While i admit her nose does look a tad bit different, I'm not totally convinced she had plastic surgery.

So i ask you, the Halle Berry fans, do you think she had a nose job procedure?